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Freddy and I have been guiding saltwater fishing trips on the shallows of the Lower Laguna Madre for over 32 years.  Before we became guides in 1980, we made a living as commercial fishermen.  Being born and raised right here in the lower Rio Grande Valley, we both have a deep love and respect for the bay that has become the center of our life's work.  Freddy spent most of his youth tagging along with the "old timers" while learning more about this bay than anyone I know.  I grew up fishing with my father in the surf and off shore, but when I met my husband, he introduced me to a whole new world of fishing in the shallow water where the big ones hang out.  The rest is history.   We each captain a Shallow Sport scooter made especially for stalking trout and redfish in the amazingly clear skinny water we call home.

       Fishing out of Laguna Vista, Texas, we enjoy the advantage of beginning our trip on the west side of the bay.   

       We prefer drift fishing artificial lures with 8 to 10 lb. test on our 7' medium action spinning tackle.  The lure du jour can be top waters, weed-less spoons, Maulers, or the old faithful, Cajun Thunder corks and Berkley Gulps.  Different conditions call for different presentations in order to get the desired reaction.


    The Lower Laguna Madre is the saltiest bay in the world that sustains marine life.  Come and enjoy an environment that is totally unique on the planet.  There is no other area where you can find the combination of experiences available in this beautiful setting.



Capt. Fred Petty: USCG 100 Ton Master Lic.#921131    

Capt. Janie Petty: USCG Lic.#1049906 

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